My weekend of High Tea!!

It was a beautiful morning yesterday and looked like a perfect day for a spot of high tea in the garden. First though I had my domestic duties to preform. Clothes washing, which I don't mind doing especially on warm days like today which is the one thing I'm thankful for. As last years summer only lasted for 4 days, so we had winter temperatures and rain for nearly a whole year!
Garden needed to be watered and veggies harvested.

Thankful that we have no water restrictions like other parts of the Australia.

Corn in the wind, can you hear it rustle Lady Euphoria?
Thankful too that BF grew and planted all these veggies in the garden last year for us to eat, bottle and freeze.
I had picked some pickling cucumbers a couple of days ago and had them soaking in salty water for a bit too long so they needed to be bottled ASAP!!

After bottling them, Ned came home from his early morning wanderings and wanted food and somewhere to sleep. he found this!

Yes I'm thankful for Ned even though he is sleeping on my black jumper! But he makes me laugh!
Big Bunny needed feeding too. As I was outside I noticed it was starting to get pretty warm and overcast.
I then remembered that I needed to pick the blackberries from the front before the neighbor hood foragers got to them first!

So very thankfull that the council didn't spray them this year. I collected a bowl full and had an indulgent breakfast of blackberries and yogurt!

By the time I was ready for my cuppa tea it was so hot and windy outside that I had to change my plans and set my day up inside. so out came my lovely blue Japanese tea pot a few video's and all my sewing wips for the day! Oh and here is a secret...well not anymore but I'm in love with Tony Curtis, always have been always will! At five I named my panda bear Tony Curtis. I used to watch all his movies and make clothes for my bear from Tony's movies. I made the complet white outfit that he wore in 'The Great Race'. 'Houdini' is one of my favorite movies and 'The Boston Strangler' Very thankful for Tony Curtis!!

Yum this looks so good I might brew up another pot and continue on my High Tea for another day. I wonder what Mouse and Lady Euphoria are up too!!
Add ImageGreen tea set for high tea take 2! Out in the garden just now. It is very hot and windy today to.

But I was in for some pleasant surprises! Bees!! Everyone should be thankful for bees!
And cabbage moths! I know their little babies do a lot of damage in the garden and I was thankful that BF wasn't home as he would have gone out with his net trying to catch them! But aren't they beautiful? This reminds me of High Tea last year when Lady Euphoria came to visit in person disguised as a black moth....I wonder did she disguise herself once more?

Oh what sweet little shadow!!

While peeping at the corn I spied this beautiful flower. It is from a radicchio that I've let go to seed.just going for a little walk around the garden. It's getting too me out here but let me just show you our tomato plants.ooooo and look here are some tomatoes! Do you like green tomatoes? I've fried some up once and they where yummy. BF made a green tomato chutney once that was nice too.
This is inside our hot house, Basil on the left and peppers on the right. A couple of tomato and an old cucumber plant in the back.

And a special photo for Lady Euphoria, I'm very thankful to have met you!!


Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

I am waiting for Mountain Man to come home. He's been gone most of the day and he has my knitting in the car with him.

I'm counting my blessings and getting things ready for the Thankfulness Tea Party at my house tomorrow.

Thank you for hosting it with me. Enjoy your High Tea.

Hugs, Euphoria

2paw said...

Oh what a lovely meander through your day!! Ned is so funny!! A bowlful of cat!!

BlackCrow said...

Hi 2 Paw!!!
That Ned is so naughty!! But I love him. he is such a gentle little soul!
Looking forward to seeing your Photo's Lady Euphoria!!

Pip Lincolne said...

Please. Can. I. Have. Ned?
I am a good mum, truly.
Can I?
Fair enough.
I LOVE that crayon shot too!


Stone said...

This amazing planet allows corn to be grown in your garden while mine has 6 inches of crusty snow suspending all life. Your garden views were a nice surprise. Last year here in NE Pennsylvania USA the cold wet weather killed off every tomato plant.I hope to experience the same hot times when my time comes.

mangocheeks said...

Oh wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I enjoyed every snapshot of your weekend.


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