Happy NEW YEAR....oops I'm a little late!!

I kno, I know I haven't been playing on my knitting blog for a while, spending all my time over at my arty crafty blog! But then wouldn't you be hiding too if you had a back log of UFO's threatening to take your eyes out if you ignored them just one more day???!!

So I took the ones I could find and gave them a good airing. It's weird how even though I had separated all my ufo's into neat little bundles putting some into their own bags only to find several months later that magically they had all tangled them selves into knots again!! See they are evil, out to destroy!
I 'don't even know what some of them are anymore!!
There is a 'Some What Cowl', Vintage knickers, Alien Scarf, two hats, Squarey, that long stripy thing that I just need to sew the ends in, Burtonesque's, a pair of socks, camisole and Belladonna arm warmers!!
Well I guess this is my New Years projects right here...dam I wanted to knit a black jumper or cardigan this year oh and the sideways spencer and.....................


2paw said...

Oh that is so funny- not knowing what your knitting projects are now!!
You could just put them back in the box and knit a black cardi..... No-one would know!!

Mouse said...

I've got all of my WIPs and UFO's up on Ravelry.. go check it out if you want a laugh. Heck, some of those I don't even know where they ARE! Shove them back where they were hiding and knit that cardi -- we'll never tell!

Lady Euphoria Deathwatch said...

Hi Black Crow,

I am knitting on UFO's for the duration of the Winter Olympics.

I got a sweater finished today, all except the buttons that is. I've been in my button box for the last half hour trying to find the right ones.

On to the next thing. Scarf, mittens, socks, another sweater...?

I already can't wait to get started on something new, but I'm sticking to it.

Good luck with the UFO's

Hugs, Euphoria

Severina said...

Ahhh, my primitive connection doesn't like your High Tea post because of all the photos! I'm ticked that I wasn't visiting blogs for the past couple weeks otherwise I would've had my own tea on Sunday with you guys. Poop. But gorgey pic of all the growing stuff and fluttering things and that bowl of Ned!

Your UFO pile looks like mine--I think the reason I keep buying knitting needles at the thrift store is because so many of mine still have knitting on them!

Yes, I still owe you an email, now that I'm recovered from my blizzard trip!


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