something xmessy going on around here

The tree that Pig and I built. Made from found sticks, string, glue, varnish and mosaic tiles.
The fabric on the table is from Saffron Craig, the owl range. The wonderful booklet displayed is The Bright Red Star, designed by a team of Etsy Artists for sale here. The snowmen ornaments are made by ME! The little Snowman on the tree was made by Jess from Little Dirt Lane. Her Etsy shop is here. The "Stangel" was made by Yve from Freaky Little Dolls, her etsy shop is here.
A lovely folk art Santa tag by Danita and a traditional Santa tag by Ruby Victoria, you can find her etsy shop here.
The lovely little tags are from one of my favorite artists Danita. You can find her shop here!!
It's still cool enough down here in Tasmania to keep knitting and what better way than to knit and felt some Xmas decorations! I adapted the pattern from 'Hand Knit holidays'.
Ned, Ned, Ned!! I don't think you can fool me by pretending Santa put you under my tree!


2paw said...

What a fabulous handmade tree!! Very festive indeed. It is cool enough to knit, I've even been doing a little knitting!!!

Severina said...

Wish I could put up a tree or decorations of some kind. Grady's still in "what, this isn't a toy???" stage. He'd just rip it all to shreds or eat it, the little beast.

I really want a place with a parlour or something I can set up stuff like that and then shut the door, safe from inquisitive paws.

BTW: At this moment, little Grady is in "time out" in the bathroom because he's been digging up the plants again.

Severina said...

Merry Christmas!

*waving on Xmas eve*

Severina said...
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