what i made at xmas

beaded crocheted neck choker for Annette the Pattern is from the Anticrafters book
I've made a red one for myself which I will post shortly(as soon as I remember where I put it.)
He was fun to make and I learnt a bit about free form toy making.
a 'No Cash wallet'(Bend-the-rules Sewing) for Edith.
I had such a hard time trying to find hand made gifts for Xmas locally that I decided to make my own and I'm glad I did. This 'No cash wallet' is a real hit with my SIL and her work buddies I may have a few orders. I've changed the size of the pattern to fit ATM cards.


2paw said...

Lovely handmade gifts, the choker is beautiful and I love the green 'monster' thing though I don't think I want it!! What a good idea for a wallet - I usually have No Cash!!!

blackie said...

cool wallet. I'm keen to get this book


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