new on my needles

Red tweed beret from Interweave knits. I started this on my holidays hoping I would be wearing it for Xmas but dam it I ran out of wool even though the pattern stated only one skein is needed for the small size. It was sooooooo close to being finished!
It made me think that maybe I knit to lose. I watched my mum knit and noticed that she wound the yarn 3 times around her finger where as I only do it once (we both knit European style).
I've been trying this out and I've seen a real improvement with my stitches they all look so even.
I'm pretty happy about this I may undo all my knitting I've done to date and start again!
Do I hear the sound of crickets? No I would never do that ....all just kidden..Its great to have learnt something new from my mum.

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2paw said...

Undo everything you've ever knitted???!!! Surely not!!! I am a very tight knitter. Sometimes I would have to knit with giant needles to get the correct tension: it's a good thing I like maths and can adjust the numbers!! The tweediness is very nice!!


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