Day 2

I have been getting out of the house ....honest I have...well my garden is outside, that's OK isn't it?
HEY look whats been growing and stalking my plants!
Rhubarb..I used to hate this as a kid now I love it...I made rhubarb scones Australian day of me! I have lots of other yummy recipes that I've been wanting to make you may even find them on my newish blog Pig n' Duck Cooking!

Looking forward to these tasty bush pumpkins to mature!

As usual every summer we are swamped by zucchinis fortunately we love em'. Pig has already pickled a whole bunch and made a huge pot of soup. While I made fritters, pies, marinated and roasted them and not to mention zucchini risotto.

Get off my Dahlia's you cute little grass hopper!!!

Just as I was heading back indoors I found this little fella on the wall,

Mr Ladybug!


Shannon said...

Can you believe I have to BUY rubarb around here? Ugh. I can't find a patch to take some off of to grow myself. I get mad cravings for it.

BlackCrow said...

if I could I'd send you some.


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