Day 1

My accepted challenge from Ruth Spoon, to get out of the house every day is a little late..BF is very open to this challenge to. We took a drive across the river to bellerive only a 9 minute drive from hobart. A beautiful grey morning with a storng sea breeze.

the view from Bellerive looking back to Hobart

We collected brocken bits of worn coloured glass and I took lots of photo's of sea gulls.

Look how pretty they are!


Luna said...

Wonderful pictures! Oh i know those sea glass. It is wonderful I collect it at "Rügen" a big German Island.

tilcheff said...

Great low point of view photo! Very nice gamma.

blackie said...

lovely! I have soooooo many bits of broken glass/pottery collected from the beach, it is all in the tops of my pot plants. Have you every been to treasure beach at Sandford? Practically the whole beach is glass


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