Cats on tuesday

I've been wanting to join this like forever! And now that I'm officially unemployed as of today I have no excuse! So here they are Naughty Ned and Fat Kitty!Oh Ned and Fat Kitty....and on my new doona cover too! I'm pretty sure Fat Kitty didn't know Ned was sleeping behind her. Our bed is her last bit of territory and Ned is strictly warned off in very unlady like language.
No wonder I can't keep my studio tidy! Thanx NED, yes green buttons do match your eyes.


Luna said...

They are sooo sweet. But the sweetest is with the green buttons. This is a nice blog!

tilcheff said...

I've always wanted to be a cat or even a dog in my parent's house. This would be a much better life!

I can't believe Ned is just napping on those buttons.

Hope you're really enjoying your time off. Can you?


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