out with the old and in with the new

Whats a new year with out a few resolutions?
I need to more time to create.
What to do? Well I weighed it up and I've decided that my Etsy shop had to go.

Setting up the photo's and trying to write descriptions was taking up so much time when I could have been sewing of painting more dolls.
However I will be stalking some local gallery owners and insist they exhibit them!
Use what I have when it comes to wool, fabric and patterns....mmmm, that's a hard one, but it needs to be done other wise I have to put an extension onto the house.

This year I intend to finish all my UFO's....I think.

Out with the old bathroom! Pig has completely renovated our bathroom...we are doing it by stealth (shhh the landlord doesn't know yet) it looks so clean and white I could knit in there no problems. It so needed a going over not just because the ceiling caved in a few weeks ago after a heavy rain but it just looked grotty no matter how many times you'd clean it. Pig also whipped up a huge tiled moisac mirror and put a new shower head in (provided by my sister, its got to be the most expensive items in our house). Plus I couldn't help myself I had to buy a glass trolly for the towels from Freedom....I confess I love Freedom.
My lap top has been usurped by a big black beastie complete with sub-woofas!
I just have to try hard and not play with it....but its so cool and I've found several great sites!
Lost Destinations, The House game, Orange beautiful and Kim Vale. But knitting and painting are cool too..and that's where I'm headed right now, into the studio!


blackie said...

Your studio looks about 50 times more crammed with stuff than when I saw it!!! Hope to see those little guys in a gallery soon

BlackCrow said...

Yes I've added a few things since then.
I can't work any other way!!!!!

TinkingBell said...

Love the studio - love the creative space - (covet covet!)

Penni said...

wow, that's one fun looking studio. Good luck with the resolutions and with the gallery owner stalking.

tilcheff said...

what a nice messy studio :) :) :)


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