Tda, retro red kitchen apron!

Here she is my the first apron I've ever made!! Boy was the piping around the pockets a labor of love, NOT! But it looks of if you squint.
This is a Xmas presie for a family member. But I have plenty of material left to make one for myself too. Looking at it hanging there I think I might add a little detailing to the pockets.
I would have liked to put some black pom- poms at the end but you can't get them anymore!
It could have been a little shorter but the recipient is a little taller than me so she may not she can get a bit carried away in the kitchen so he knees may knee's may need protecting.
That's all I'm working on at the moment, Xmas presents!


2paw said...

I love that kitcheny material and your apron is great!! Sigh. It is really sad all the things you can't get now..
I am doing Christmas presents too, slowly but surely (I hope)!!!

blackie said...

fab! LOVE IT!!!!! such a perfect style for that fabric. Dammit now I have the apron itch again and I DO NOT need another apron!

Rachel said...

Love your apron! I may make one for my MIL. Maybe...

Yours is too cute, I especialy like the piping.

Katt said...

Love the apron!! and the material looks great..

especially love the spiders and crosses one!!

MsFortuknit said...

your cute! Nice worky work, as if youd do something badly ;)!!
So how have you been dolly?

Sorry ive not been about ive been slammed! So do tell me are you on Ravelry? I saw a crow and yarn but wasnt certain if it was you or not??


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