what a month of crap

what a month! Two friends of mine lost there little sons two months before they where due. It was just devastating news.
And Last Sunday morning my beautiful friend Jules died in her sleep. It was such a shock to us all. We only saw each other on Friday night. We gave each other a hug and we kissed and said we would catch up soon, but its never going to happen.
She was loved by so many people and so deeply loved by her husband Kim. It will take us all years if ever to recover from losing Julie.
She lived her life full with friends, humor, music, her husband and her three cats.
She has left a big hole in all our lives.
Jules was the only girl ever that could make me sing out loud in public.
It was a large funeral spilling well out into the car park. Her sisters gave a wonderful eulogy that got everybody laughing. Her favorite song ' The Ship' Song' by Nick Cave was played by the band Hey Mook, Richard Flanagan, friends and family re-counted many Jules stories, she would have loved it...maybe not the part about her first crush on John Farnham though.

RIP Julie
The day before the funeral my mum had a minor heart attack and is in hospital, I rang her two nights ago and she is doing well and will be out in a couple of days.
It is such a worry with her being so far away and not able to look after her and her husband. My sister lives 2 hours away and is doing the best she can. Its going to be a tough job convincing our mum to move into a smaller place, perhaps a retirement village where she will be around more people and get the help she needs when we can't be there.
Then to top all this off little Ned our cat has injured his back leg and is off to the vet this afternoon!
Can things get any worse? I'm so happy that I'm off to the knitting group in a few hours and catch up with friends. Tragedies like this make you realize just how important it is to make time to be with those you care about.
To heck with all my UFO's I'm going to start something new today!


2paw said...

What an horrendous month you have had. I am so sorry to hear all your sad news. I hope your mum might be feeling a bit better now and little Ned the Cat too. Looks like the only way is up now.
I second your throwing of all cares to the wind for a while. Ir's not that you have to live entirely for the moment, but make sure you do things that make you happy!!!

BlackCrow said...

Thank you 2paw your exactly right.

blackie said...

gosh, what can I say? sorry you've had such a sad month mate. I really hope being out and about today helped lift your spirits

BlackCrow said...

Thanks Esther it really did.
Even though I didn't get anything started.

Penni said...

Gosh. I wish I'd read this before SnB yesterday!

I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible month. Hope your mum and Ned are doing better. Keep your chin up and revel in doing all the things you enjoy.

Hope you have fun starting a new project and let me know if you'd like to borrow my ball winder...

BlackCrow said...

Thanks penni.
I just couldn't talk about all of this anymore, I just feel emotionally drained.

tilcheff said...

:( i'm so sorry about all this :(

Katt said...

Oh sweetie..what an awful month you had...

BIGGEST hugs to you..may i suggest starting more then one thing..Hell with it..go for 10..even if you rip them back later just starting them is a thrill


Obsidian Kitten said...

(((((HUGS)))) from the other side of the world

and i purrpurrpurr whilst i rub against your leg

BlackCrow said...

Thank you everyone...
I miss her so much.

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

How very sad not to have had any warning - and with so many other things happening to distress you - what a dreadful month.
I hope the summer brings lots of sunshine into your life to help you work your way through the sad things.


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