what a day

I just found out Naughty Ned was bitten by another cat and has no broken bones like we thought he had. He will be home tomorrow.
Getting to knitting today was a bit of a battle as my regular driver was hung over meaning I had to catch the bus. Not an easy thing to do from where I live on a weekend. I ran nearly all the way down as I didn't prepare myself early enough and spent far too much time gardening (even though that was rather pleasant). Anyway the bus was late and I realized I had no needles so quickly dropped into the Spotlight picked a few pairs and marched off quickly to Jam Packed.
Everyone looked so happy I couldn't bare to bring anyone down plus I'm so worn out by the last few days I just wanted to forget for a while.
I was going to start on 'The Somewhat Cowl' but I forgot to pack the ball yarn and only took the skeins. So I sat there most of the time winding the yarn into a ball until it tangled!
But it was all good and I enjoyed the company and it was a nice feeling to have Esther's little baby girl there all snug like a little pea in her mums pouch. (sounds like a kangaroo)
Before all this crap happened it was my niece Akira's 21st birthday and my sister's __ birthday
and I made them these...

for Akira

For AnnetteBased on MollyChickens 'Lapin'


Rachel said...

I am so sorry for your month of crap. It just is so tragic! ((HUGS))

Im glad your kitty is better than you thought and your purses look really nice. I love the SC pattern and can't wait to see your progress.

Sending healing and peaceful thoughts your way...

Katt said...

the bags are lovely.

glad to hear ned is going to be ok



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