not so "wild Life"

A noisy little visitor. He comes back everyday for his photo session singing out to me that he is here.
Fat Kitty notices it too.

Little Naughty Ned is far to busy resting.

Sleeping off the anti-biotic's

Neds shaved leg. you can't even se the puncure marks! I'm beginging to think he was just putting on an act.


tilcheff said...

:) Great to see 'your' Blackbird. He looks very self-confident.
Small, black, white or black+white birds are very hard to photograph because of the high contrast between them and the environment.
Fat Kitty is a lady with a character (obviously) and Little Ned is just soo cute.

Obsidian Kitten said...

ned does look like a Morgan! she's also very naughty.

tilcheff said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
blackie said...

he must know you are a little black bird as well!

2paw said...

Poor Little Ned, I hope he has recovered now!!! He looks like a lounge lizard!!!

Katt said...

would ned have a brazillian? bikini? or a whole new like of hair removal? the Kitty??


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