buttoned up

She's finished, and I love it, the feels so nice on bare skin! I've been wearing it a lot even to bed (which is a true test to its wearability) I now know how Kate feels about her 'Technicolor Dream Cardi'. Thank you Fat Kitty for helping out with blocking the jumper!
I've not been so lucky with this jumper I think I 'll have to re-knit this again, which will make it the fourth time. First time it was to small, second it was a nice fit but I thought it would be better slightly bigger......which now it is, the arms are way too long!! What to do? I'm not sure now I even like the look of it on me it makes my boobs look really big(which has always been a fear of mine wearing knitted clothing). I could knit it up into a bag but I really wanted a nice big comfy jumper. I might just sew the arms on and wear it around a bit before making another rash move.


Xia Diaz said...

Very pretty!

2paw said...

Oh, lovely cardi, I am not brave enough to wear a cardi to bed, I am worried about the buttons!! The sleevs, though long, look very interesting!!

blackie said...

the cardi looks really lovely. i think i might make one too...i'm a bit scared of the picking up stitches bit though. I hope you bring it on saturday!

Katt said...

Love the cardi! Looks fantastic!

Maybe Karma is telling you something about the other one...After three faults with Adams jumper (worst one being Mr Nobody cutting a sing stitch on it)..I decided it was out...Sigh..Good thing I hadnt done much



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