one sock!!

Being sick at home with the flu has its advantages....I get to knit and perhaps even finish something.
And I did! Now to knitting up the other one quickly so I don't get the second sock syndrome.


Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hi blackcrow!
Seems like everyone has the lurgy - but as you say, excellent opportunity to ignore all sorts of non-knitting activities! Nice sock(s?)!

Katt said...

Oh yes know that flu feeling! Got it here too. No knitting though.

The socks are coming along GREAT! I do love how the colours have worked. Can wait to see them finished.

Hope you feel better real soon.


Katt said...

meant to say cant wait to see them


Penni said...

Argh! The dreaded lurgy. It hit our house too. Hope you're feeling better.
The socks are looking great. Will you be modelling them for us next weekend?


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