moon maddness

Blood moon, taken about 8.30 last night. I was very excited setting up my camera and tripod to take some photo's of the moon. It was amazing seeing look like a real planet and not like a flat white disk. I stayed up to 3 in the morning keeping my eye on the moons travels. The cats where very lively obviously affected by moon madness.
The next one will appear in 2011.


Xia Diaz said...

Wow! That's a great picture! We missed it on the East Coast. It is absolutely gorgeous!

2paw said...

I watched it last night. The sky was so clear, and I looked through my binoculars!!! Didn't it turn red at the end??!! Great pictures. I'm pretty sure mine will be blobs.

blackie said...

thanks for putting this pic up. I missed out because of a bunch of black clouds in the way

BlackCrow said...

It was a great event! I wish I used a higher resolution though so I could have blown the photo up.
But next time I'll be ready!

Sharon said...

Beautiful photo, I didn't even think to take a photo of it and it was a perfect view from my front door!

Love the socks in the previous post too :)

Brook said...

so beautiful!!


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