beasties come in threes

First there was Fat Kitty

Then came Ned, (with his cute bucket head).

And now there is BIG TED!!!

We don't know where Big Ted came from as we have never seen him around in the 4 years we've lived here but Fat kitty sure has taken a shine to him!

I only wish that shew would get on with little Ned.
Little Ned has been through a lot these last few months. Poor little guy was shot with a hunting bow by some kid who was just foolin' around. It was his own cat!
My Bf rescued the cat and we paid for his operation.
Ned has had 2 operations as the first one his stitches broke open but this last one looks really good and tomorrow he hopefully has his stitches removed.
He has been so good and patient with having to wear the little bucket and living in a cage most of the time.
This week though I've taken the bucket off and he is spending more time out stretching his legs and getting into as much mischief as he possibly can.
I've knitted him a few mice, which he loves....Fat Kitty wouldn't share hers, she actually sat on it to hide it from him!
I know its going to take time for Fat Kitty to adjust to the idea that Ned's staying and will be cage less very soon.
I worry what they will get up too when we are both at work.
Anyone know of how to get these two living harmoniously?
Advice will be most welcomed.

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on the wings... said...

From what I've read, keeping them separated but able to smell each other (much like you have been doing) seems to work the best. Slow and steady on introductions. It may never be harmonious but might be tolerable. Some cats are very territorial, others not. Just like humans, there are many personalities. Looks like you have provided all with love and space. Hang in there.


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