Some Updates

Socks, yes I'm still working hard at em'. I think I'm up to the heel!

Naughty French knickers!!!! Grrrr....I finally made it passed that dreaded lace something pattern. Even though I ripped it back an infinitum number of times I still can't tell what its supposed to be! At least it looks neat even though I lost 4 stitches somewhere but was able to increase them in the final garter stitch. Now its nothing but St Stitch till the ribbing at the top.....oh and till I start the other leg!!

One thing I like to know is how do you get rid of very strong smelling wool.
The Hip Hop wool I used for the Straight Jacket really stinks like oily sheep butt.
I washed it in Eucalyptus based wool wash. As it was raining outside I blocked it in doors and boy did it reek. My BF came home thinking the cats had done big poo's in the lounge.
Other wise I'm ready to sew it up!


2paw said...

Gorgeous socks!! And I cannot wait to see the NFKs!!! No help with the smelly wool I'm afraid!!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, as for the stinky sheep smell--when i wash raw wool i usually do 2 washes with the wool wash and then 3 rinses, soaking for about 30-40 mins each time (yes, really).

this is for right-off-the-sheep wool, but if your yarn is that stinky, you might need to wash and rinse several times.

i'd use warm water, too, if the dye can handle it (i use hot with the raw wool, it soaks off the lanolin)

blackie said...

ooo are you going to model the french knickers for us???

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

My DH has shown a spark of interest in my knitblog surfing - where do I find a pattern for French knickers?

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

"Because yours look so lovely", is what was missing from the above!!!
Nice stripy socks, too!

MsFortuknit said...

Grr! I just wrote you a story and it didnt let me post but its ok your worth it!
So how the heck are you!
Hope that you had a wonderful 13th!

Oh yeah what do you think of Sev and Rach changing their blog name and not blogging! Some swell friends we have! haha!
Must knit and do Bridge to Terabithia!

Katt said...

loving how that sock wool is knitting up.


on the wings... said...

The sock looks fantastic! I'm not normally a pink-with-blue type of person but they are dreamy looking. As for the smell, wash, baby, wash again and again. If the dye won't die, use warmer water and lots of soaking in-between. I can imagine the wonderous smell created. Aren't you glad that even with rain outside, you are able to air out the house?!


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