old buttons

My mum sent me these a while ago.
I know these buttons as well as I know my own hands. I used to play with them as a kid.
They used to be stored in the beautiful draws of her old singer sewing machine.
They still smell the same.
My mum told me that these buttons come from different countries and some must be over 60 years old!
And if you love buttons checkout Obsidian Kittens ETSY shop! drool. But you better hurry as I'm checkin' them out right now!!!!!


rgarton said...

Mutti says: the black ones were from her favourite black jumper, from the wrist and the front. One of the buttons - in a heart-shape - were in a cardigan she knitted for Netty. The black-and-white one was from a cardigan for Shane. It's made from Austrian deer-antlers. The metal-looking ones on the lower left have mirrors set in them, from Poland. There's a big leather one in there too, found in Graz.

BlackCrow said...

eeekk, wow RRRR....Mutti never told me any of makes these even more special.
Thanks for letting me know....I'm excited.

Katt said...

I remember my nans bit tin on buttons. I use to love playing with those. Seeing your buttons bring back fond memories..

When my nan died my mother and aunt halfed them up and got half each. Its not the same without the whole lot together.


rgarton said...

Mutti adds: and the military looking one near the top-left was from a coat that she got upon arriving in Australia, apparently issued to all the "displaced persons" (cheap labour from abroad) Australia kindly put up behind barbed wire at the time.

blackie said...

drool drool drool. I want to lie on the ground in a huge pile of buttons (a la autumn leaves) and roll about in glee. If I choked on one I'd die happy.


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