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Last Friday was too nice a day to be stuck inside at lunch time. It was all grey and gloomy. Perfect for a walk in my favorite park...St Davis Park. It used to be a grave yard but now it's a public park. Some of the larger graves still remain but a lot of the older headstones have been removed and cemented into a walls, like a painting gallery.

my favorite steps. They lead down to the headstone gallery.

Nice motifs to be found. This is giving me some ideas. :)

I love this little deer. It's an embellishment from the side of a coffin. I think it would make a great pattern for a scarf.
Anybody know how I can make a chart


2paw said...
You can upload a picture to this sit and make a chart. I tried, but it was a bit indistinct, but if you printed out the deer picture and outlined it, took another photo and uploaded that, I reckon it might work. Or, put an acetate grid over the printed out picture!!!!

MsFortuknit said...

I think that I want to come and live with you....what a wonderful way to wake up!

blackie said...

love those skeleton trees gloom girl

laurie said...

Wow! I love cemeteries: the stones, the carvings, the dates,...
I am so jealous that you have such a unique park to walk through!

BlackCrow said...

I love em too!!

Thanks 2Paw I checked out the site and will take your advice and draw it up....yay too much fun for a gloomy girl!!!

Msfortunknit's you and your girls are welcomed any time!!!


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