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I spotted these little beauties in amongst piles of second hand junk at Salamanca markets...which runs every Saturday. Nice little vintage red and lime green buttons plus this amazing round tortoise shell knitting needle. All for 2 bucks each! I haven't used the needles, they feel quite flexible. They are a 4 mm(a size 6 in US). I
The other morning as I was walking past Fullers Book shop, which enticingly opens before 9, I spied 'The Lollipop Shoes' a new book by Joanne Harris, and it's the sequel to 'Chocolat', I bought it straight away.
It was a nice feeling having a new book next to you while at work knowing that when you get home you'll be transported back to Paris with familiar people and the smells chocolate!

Last night with a friend we went to see Pan's Labyrinth...set in 1944 at the time of post war Spain. Wow apart from some very brutal scenes I loved the dark fantasy side. The make- up, animation and set designs just blew me away. The 'Pale Man' was just the most evil and disturbing character that I have seen in a long time second only to my favorite 'Krampus'.


2paw said...

Oh I miss Salamanca...What great bargain though. I have never seen a needle like that. Very nice indeed!!

blackie said...

That book is on my to-read list as well. Another one to savour I hope. Very jealous of your button finds. I never noticed how lime green and red went so well together!

MsFortuknit said...

How wonderful, wait till Sev' sees those needles, mama mia theyre gorgeous!! I really Love that movie also I just saw it the other night and was just facinated!! Im deffo going to get it!! Cheers dolly!

Katt said...

Those needles are so cool! They were a topic of conversation at the end of my knitting group yesterday! lol

I have only been to Salamanca once. Would love to go again some time soon


Anonymous said...

First I have to say I'm jealous of that needle... how cool!
Yeah I drank my crappy week away and would have loved to share my wine... a bunch a drunk knitters... scary!
I get a lot of my pic from
That pic does rule!!!

Severina said...

Junk stores are my life! That tortoise shell plastic is so damn cool, I've been pretty thrilled with the ones you sent me. I haven't seen any like that here in the states!

I've been wanting to see Pan's Labarynth since I first heard about it--I've been waiting for it to come to a closer theater since I haven't got a car. We've got a really cool 1920's theater that shows second-run and art stuff so it should be there soon.

BlackCrow said...

Old picture theaters are the best!
Here in Tasmania we have the oldest in Australia, The Theater Royal and even Sir Lawrence Oliver treaded the floor board there.
I miss The Astor in Melbourne which was just like going back in time and I used to dress up in 40's gear every time I went out to see a movie there.
I didn't know those needles would cause so much adoration;)

Obsidian Kitten said...

i too am coveting the needles.

and the buttons. i love buttons, and i don't even sew.

i wish we could all get dressed up in 40s gear and go to the movies. sev could wear her red handknit grandma panties.

Terri said...

I haven't checked in on you for quite a while, so I was amazed to see your recent post as I've just written the name of that book down so I can get it next to read and I've been waiting for ages for Pan's Labyrinth to come out on DVD. Can't wait to see it. :o) Anouk is adorable too. Looks lovely on that little tot.


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