'Anouk' modeled by Isobel

Remember when I first posted 'Anouk' ? Well finally I was able to give it away to someone the right age...well she will be.

It's so cool seeing something that you made being worn by someone other than yourself.
And isn't she cute.
I'm so confused about knitting things for little kids as this tunic, knitted for an 18 month old, looked so small when I finished it but looks huge on Isobel.
And somethings I make look too big and the kids don't fit into them at all....I think they do it to you on purpose!


MsFortuknit said...

OMG Theyre both beautiful!!!!! Great work Im glad you could give it to someone so adorable~! So yeah you got jipped on those addis love. I know a place in GB that sells them for cheap, as well ebay. The most ive paid for a pair is 15 bucks with shipping and that was having them shipped from Asia! Ive got about 15+ pair and there is just no way I could afford to have them if I paid full price! I know im cheap, but I really like them as you said theyre incredible!
Swak I adore you and miss you tons!!

blackie said...

very cute...and a perfect fit!

Katt said...

looks great! I have always loved that little dress..

And it looks so adoreable on! What a little cutie!



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