Meet Ned

Our new edition to our family, NED...named after Ned Kelly. The photo is a little blurry as I had to be quick so as not to disturb him.
BF found him last week he had been seriously injured. I wont go into all the gory details behind his gruesome injuries only that they where due to human irresponsibility and ignorance.
He is only 2 years old and if his wound doesn't get infected then he has a good chance of surviving.
There is on beg fat problem though and that is Fat Kitty, oooooo she is not to happy with this little guy invading her space.
For the meantime we are keeping them apart Ned is in the laundry with his own heater and fat kitty get the rest of the house.
Hopefully Ned will win Fat Kitty over with his already smoochie ways and they will live happily together. (fingers crossed)
Ned is off to the vet tomorrow for 2 days of observation.

1 comment:

laurie said...

Those "E" collars are a drag for the furry ones to wear. They always look more pathetic with them, even if it is to protect them from further harm. Hopefully Fat Kitty will tolerate Ned. Looks like Ned found a loving home. My heart goes out to him.


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