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Practical Family Knits Illustrated and Knitted Garments for the Family

These two curious little books are Vintage Knitting books and the one on the left is where Sev's French knickers came from.
My friend Helen was left these books by her mum. Knowing what a vintage fiend I've become she kindly let me keep them. (Glee)

I'm secretly doing a knicker knitalong with Sev, and I'm way behind. I'm just about to start on the pattern. However I had reached this point before and I agree with Sev that this is a complex bit of detailing considering the end result. But I'll keep at it!

I started this little top too.

Oh and because one can never have enough to knit in between these and other knitted projects I've been working on my straight jacket...from Naughty Needles. (check them out they have some naughty pix, looks like fun!)

Bought things.....Obsidian Kittens Monster magnets being put to good use!!


2paw said...

Hope Ned is OK. Are you really going to wear your red knickers???!!! How very exciting!!!

Kate_knits_a_bit said...

Hi Blackcrow, 'twas nice meeting you today - I look forward to seeing you again next month!

Obsidian Kitten said...

ok, how much do i LOVE that first photo of the cat with the yarn from the vintage book? looooooove...

and the real kitty with the knitting too. i can never get enough kitty with knitting pics.

oh yeah, don't forget the cat litter.


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