Works just making me to dam tired to play with either my knitting, blogging or anything for that matter.
I've lots of ideas to make things but just can't find the time to carry them through. I guess a lot of people out there are in the same boat. I like the idea of taking a note book with me to jot down ideas but never seem to be able to remember to do that before I leave for work.
Its been gradually getting colder and colder and probably the first time in my life I'm looking forward to it.
This morning as I walked into town I counted the number of my own hand made knitted or sewn items I had on......4! My Frankin Mitts would have to be my favorite, Kittyville hat second and my glitzy firecracker scarf (even though I was rather enthusiastic knitting it as it is rather long. But I figure if Doctor Who was ever a girl she would definitely be wearing one of these).
And my tote bag that I mad ages ago is still going strong!
It's a good feeling and by the end of this winter season I'm sure my personal handmade items will have grown!

A couple of weeks ago a friend gave me her entire wool stash! She no longer knits and had been hording this stuff for years.
A lot of the wool is 4ply and a mix of wool and nylon. And I'm sure they are 70's vintage judging by the labels.
They feel a bit scratchy but will be great for socks and more mittens!

6 weeks ago it was still summer and cucumbers and dill where popping up everywhere. I decided to pickle them. It was my first go.
We did a taste test this week and I must say they where fantastic! Much better than your store bought stuff. Plus almost entirely organic.
I used 1 clove of garlic 2 dill seed heads, white whole pepper seeds, white wine, white vinigar, ver juice and a little water.
I'll be putting in more cucumber plants next season!
Well off to bed with me!


blackie said...

I always intend to carry a notebook everywhere too - but it gets ditched from my bag after a couple of days and I just end up with a whole lot of scraps of paper in my pockets with odd things written on them. Yummy pickles. I have been eating an awful lot of these lately.

Obsidian Kitten said...

yummy...we usually plant pickling cukes too but last year i was too lazy to pickle them. sad but true.

i used to carry a little notebook but now i'm all about the scraps of paper. which i generally lose. or can't decipher later: "moon toes 1 1/2 pounds later goreyesque bacon scraps penguins thomas lunch tater tots & robots" you know, things like that. WTF was i thinking? can't recall.

my kittyville hat also remains one of my absolute favorites. you can't go wrong with cat ears on your head. you just can't.

Jana said...

Homemade pickles are just one of lifes simple joys. It's 6:30 in the a.m. here right now, and I'm thinking I could have pickles for breakfast:) Score on the wool stash, looks like there's some cool stuff there!


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