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I'm in awe of this wounderful Bamboo fibre, it just feels so nice to knit with on wooden needles and feels sooo silky. I have to buy more of this!!! Thanks to my PRGE pal Jana for supplying me with these....
I'm not going to mention what I'm making here!!
Yes Katt this is your ' Girl Denim' They are now socks! Encourage me everyone to finish these!!!

my Jo Sharp cardigan is coming along nicely. The back and the left front side are done.
Can't wait to wear it!!!! It's getting cold out there.


2paw said...

I love the colour and pattern of the bamboo. Isn't Katt's wool nice? I'm hoping for some specially dyed green in a swap with her: I've sewed, she'll dye!!! The weather is not so cold here yet, we had 19 yesterday, positively summery!! I think Hobart is colder because it's under the mountain and the snow makes you feel colder. Also wind blows up the Mall straight from the South Pole!!!

Jana said...

The bamboo does look good! And those socks are cool too, yes you definitely should finish them! I like that sock pattern.

Katt said...

the magic of socks! lol..You did the opposite of me! I started a pair of socks (that I am designing) and they have turned into handwarmers! lol

You will get them finished!! You are doing so well and they look fantastic!

All your knitting is looking great (of course)...

wow that green is gorgeous..and purple is my fave colour..


Obsidian Kitten said...

oh, that green is so lovely, the pattern too.


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