Unspeakable horror

Dear diary the strange feeling that my mind was being controlled by forces from beyond (Richmond, Virginia) has eased somewhat after completing the FrankinMitts.
I recall the first day I started my journey, light drinks and Conan the Barbarian playing in the background started the celebrations. I should have realized then that things where not as they seemed.
As the weeks of knitting went I found myself uttering a strange mantra....
green, green, black, black, black, green,
green, black, green, black, green,
green, black, black, green, black, black,
green, black, green, black, green,
green, green, black, black, black,

even now it still holds a certain spell over me...
Vincent Price movies, the Wolf Man, Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein, vintage horror classics all played their part in the birth and completion of these mitts!

You know Severina you are now bound to make 'THE BRIDE OF FRANKIN MITTS'
What I really like about these is that you can quickly hid your grungy chipped nail polish with the little flap.
I used the Rowan Yorkshire Tweed as was recommended and I really like the stuff especially Whiskers!


Sharon said...

Very nice!

Severina said...

Very cool! Considering how I tend to write my patterns (like I was some sort of a mental defective) I'm always pretty surprized when a real person finishes one!

So would a Bride of Frankenmitts perhaps be knitted in fuzzy pinks & such? *thinking*

And you know it's the spirit of ol' Edgar Allan Poe oozing out of Richmond...

I've also just realized I haven't done any Poe-themed knitted ANYTHING. I'm so slack!

Jana said...

Those are awesome! They look pretty detailed, that's some fancy knitting going on there! And with the fair isle I bet it's warm as heck too!

Katt said...

LOVE them!!! I have made something like them for my mother for her birthday this year (back in Jan) but without all the patterning. She loved them.

I gotta make my father some. And my sisters..and myself..and my husband...And well..downsize them for my girls..LOL


blackie said...

I am in awe of these. They are a masterpiece. I dug out my crappy acrylic mittens to go to the beach on the weekend and really wished I had the skillz to make a pair like yours!

Obsidian Kitten said...

gorgeous! they came out great, and you got excellent pics of them, too.

hm, poe-themed mean as if a raven (or, say, a little black crow) made them, with scraps of yarn, bits of fish entrails, and then embellished with eyeballs plucked out of corpses?


che said...

Look at you go! I totally adore you!

2paw said...

I love your mitts, especially as they are green!! Thanks for you lovely comment about the sock pattern. I am similarly entranced by my friend's kitten. I have always been a dog person, but Cleopatra is beautiful and so funny and cute. I am allergic to her, so it is 'patpatpat' then 'washwashwash'!!!!

msfortuknit said...

Those are so sweet are you sure that you and sev arent roomies? hahah
Damn I miss you!


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