quilting saturday

Under the watchful eye if Fat Kitty and my notes from Blackie on quilt making I embarked on my first quilt. There is a little story to this quilt. All of the pieces of fabric once where little scarves that belong to two little dogs Kricket and Boots. After many many adventures years with their loving owners, my brother Shane and his wife Edith, these two little dogs died.
Edith had kept these little scarves unable to throw them out because they reminded her so much of her little girls.
I asked if I could try my hand at making a quilt. Edith agreed.
I took the pieces home and there they stayed in a bag till last week as I realized that it was
Edith's birthday soon and the quilt would be a good idea for a present. And besides they now have aanother mouth to feed. Miro a three year old Burmese cat that they brought home from the RSPCA...there is sad and disturbing story to this poor cat but I wont go into it now only to say that he is one lucky cat to have found such a loving home.

I worked out a pattern which was a little tricky but the strangest thing was I kept sneezing, there was a strange doggy oder that kept getting stronger and stronger. As soon as all the little pieces where sewn up I threw it into the washing machine.

Since this was my first quilt I and more of a free flowing sewer I didn't make any templates to measure the samples out accurately. I just sewed them all up and delt with the results later.
So where the corners didn't match up I covered them with some raggedy buttons inspired by one of Molly Chickens tutorials. On the back I attached white buttons.

Nearly there. Pinning the border down. I did this all by eye.....I admit it I couldn't be bothered using a ruler.
And here it is!


2paw said...

What a lovely story and the quilt looks beautiful. I am sure it will be treasured!!

blackie said...

WOW! I love it. You have done a fantastic job. especially love the molly chicken style buttons. Giving me ideas for a little quilt I'm working on myself!

Katt said...

What a gorgeous quilt! And I am sure Edith will love it! Very nice


BlackCrow said...

shucks, thanx guys :)

Jana said...

what a good story, and a nice memento they will have. ruler or no ruler, it's a beautiful quilt!

Obsidian Kitten said...

that came out so lovely! and the buttons are truly fantastic.

did you make that adorable pincushion? =)

love kitty supervising back there...one always needs a good supervisor.

Rachel said...

So so so cute! I love it!

Sharon said...

Wow that is amazing and such a heartfelt story too. She will probably cry her eyes out when she gets it well I know I would but then I am a big sook!

Severina said...

Nice! I hadn't thought to do that with buttons.

At least Fat Kitty just supervises. My cat has to get completely involved, plops down right in the middle of everything or he gallops around scattering stuff.


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