No this is not Vintage Stitch-O-Rama

I'm just possessed by the naughty Severina 'mistress of of the 2.75 double pointed needles'
I was going to send her some of these as part of the 'punk rock gift exchange'. But sounds like she will be sofa bound for at least several month finishing off her other Vintage knits and creating her own tormented patterns. So I'll just tease her a little with these.
All where found at the tip shop in town in a large brown trunk well hidden under a table. I sat there for an hour making nice neat piles and sorting out what wanted and hiding others at the bottom of the piles until I decided that I really needed them.....and I did!
I've started on a couple of patterns....

These cute little cable gloves......

and these little gloves!

1 comment:

Katt said...

those gloves look gorgeous! cant wait to see yours when you have done them!

I have just dyed up (as in yesterday) some 'slightly alternative' colourways for sock wool (Elvira and Gothic for two). Email me if you are interested in seeming them in advance of listing them when they are ready.



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