I've been tagged!!!

Oh oh....Jana's tagged one has ever dared to do that to me before.
Hmm so you want me to share with you and the rest of blog land 6 of my weirdest traits?

I don't have I? hmmm think, think, think.

Oh here's one...Up until my late teens I hated numbers, and I would avoid reading dates. I even got very angry with the little boy next door as he was trying to count up to one hundred.
This is probably why I was woeful at maths at school. I think I associated high numbers with death.
2. I don't own a mobile phone...I don't know how to use one and I intend never to get one!
3. I brush my teeth in the shower....because I figure that when I condition my hair I need to do something for at least 2 minutes before I wash it out.
4. I collect animal skulls.
5. I love fishing, and I used to own a worm farm but they all died or moved house...hmmmm maybe it was because I used to count them on a daily basises.
6. When I was about 10, I was obsessed by Kirk Douglas, I'd walk around with my finger pushed into my chin, hoping to get a dimple like his!

So there you have it....I could have gone on but maybe it would have put you to sleep.


Jana said...

Thanks for playing along! I like the Kirk Douglas fact. And the mobile phone item. Don't get one. I hate mine. I sometimes hear it ringing in my head when it's not really ringing. I think it's posessed me. I hate it.

Katt said...

lol..I am with jana!! I sometimes hear mine too when its not ringing!


Katt said...

Love the new look of the blog.



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