midnight knitting, evening gloves

Long awaited pic of progress on Sev's 'Starlight Evening Gloves', once I got the hang of the measurements...errr well with a little tutoring from the designer, the pattern is fairly easy....that is so long as you remember what order your faggotting stitch goes!!!
As for the faggottting stitch it's quite pretty and will look rather fetching with my arctic tan shinning through.
I'm using 'Rowen cotton glace', which is just fantastic to knit with and feels great against bare skin, I just wish that I had some nice wooden needles to do it justice.


2paw said...

The gloves are very swish. Where are you going to wear them? Somewhere special or are you knitting them just because? My mum had long evening gloves, you made me remember. Good luck with the fagotting!!!

Blackie said...

nice tan luvvie! see you saturday for the first meet of 2007!!!!

Katt said...

oooooh those are gonna look gorgeous!!


Jana said...

That black yarn looks really nice to work with. Cute stitchmarkers!:)


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