secret pal xmas presents!!

Xmas came a little early this year. Jana my not so secret punk pal who is much better at organizing herself around this time of year even for her virtual blogger pal, (you see I'm still wrapping up stuff for my pal in Stink town!), has sent me some wonderful gifts.

Beautiful green bamboo wool, cute little Kittie magnets...these are so useful for marking pages.
'Plush-o-rama', curious toys for immature adults!
What gave it away that I was immature?
But to top it all off was the 'Stitch and Bitch, knitters calender', wow this is just too much I didn't quite realize how much information and patterns was stored in there!! I've already started knitting up a little 'pumpkin hat' for a friend of mines baby girl.
'Gee wizz', thanks Jana, and to the girlzz that started the Punk rock gift exchange! this has been a great back to wrapping up the last bit of poo for Miss Stink town!


Jana said...

You are welcome! I'm glad you like the stuff. I have to admit I picked up a Stitch and Bitch calendar for myself too, it looks really neat!

Katt said...

oooh looks like you got some gorgeous stuff there!!


amanda j said...

Lucky little ducky! That toy book looks cute.

Jana said...

Hi Grace, one more comment- I tagged you for the '6 weird things' meme on my blog. Hope that's ok!


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