cabled and fingerless

See my spanking new stitch markers? The pattern is from the 2005 fall issue of Knitscene, and the wool is 'Cleakheaton, country SILK, 8ply'...And I just love it. The colour in the photo is almost accurate its a real raspberry pink with bright pink soft silk flecks!:) I bought this in Melbourne!


Blackie said...

I finally learnt to do do cables. It wasn't even that hard, I don't know why I have been so scared!

Katt said...

i love the stitch markers..and wow that wool is bright!!


Jana said...

Hi Grace! Sorry I've been a little out of it with Thanksgiving here and everything. I'm so glad you liked the stitchmarkers and the package! I was concerned that one might get opened. When I mailed it and the postal clerk raised an eyebrow and said "Yarn huh?" It took me a few minutes to realize that duh, of course that package was way too heavy to just be yarn. Oh well, it looks like it did make it pretty unscathed though. Glad you liked the stuff! Your knitting looks great!

Severina said...

Do ya ever get the urge to taste your yarn? I huff yarn all the time but sometimes there's just a color that almost needs to be tasted, like this raspberry silk.

Going away now. ;)

Obsidian Kitten said...

beautiful! i made some cabled wristwarmers too and i LOVE them

gorgeous color, should definitely be edible


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