I was on my last candy corn when........

Another parcel arrived!!!!.......Hey what's this what has my secret pal sent me that made the Australian posties so nervous that they had to open my parcel?

I first poked it with a stick to see if it would move just in case there was live stock inside. I opened it carefully with the chainsaw.....
It was full of golden nuggets....Again I approached the nuggets nervously, hmmm they looked harmless and smelt nice....Ok I couldn't wait any longer I took out my Stanley knife and proceeded to rip em' open....woo look what was inside...I bet it was the starburst that made the posties worried...(code name for fat boy nuclear bomb?)
And now I know who my secret pal is Jana from 'exile in knitville' thank you very, very, very much!!
yum my favorite jelly beans, which very nearly caused a argument between my BF and I. See he knows when these parcels arrive that there are exotic sweets from foreign parts. I like to keep them for a special occasion, like when I'm on my own!!
A Yankee candle made from sage wow looking forward to light this at Xmas!!
Beautiful stitchmarkers in ruby red....already in use!
And Manos del Uruguy, (I huffed it :) )
It matches soo well with the sock wool from the last parcel!

I'll be colour co-ordinated!!
Thankyou've made a very happy little black crow!!


Katt said...

Oh wow that yarn is all gorgeous!!

And gotta love those overseas goodies!!


Obsidian Kitten said...

oooh, lovely parcel! and nothing like exotic sweets from foreign parts! lol


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