I did it

Yep it's official....well sort of I've opened up a little (emphisis on little) Etsy shop!
Pop the champagne bottles and throw those prawns on the barbie!!
It's only in the very, very early stage and it's been a bugger of a thing to get going...lots of procrastination, tantrums, cups of coffee and photo'
Have a look and make a comment, let me know if it looks alright..did I cross all my t's and dot my i's.
Eventually I'll be selling a lot more of my arty farty stuff but this will be a good trial run.
For the time being there are some gelati pin cushions and stitchmarkers.
There will be things popping up throughout the next few days so stay tuned.
I'm also setting up a stall at the 'Showground markets' in a couple of weeks. So if your around sunny Glenorchy have a wander around and maybe we'll meet!
Now to do all my book keeping...oh and there is still this years tax to be done...oh and did I mention that I've been recruited back to my old job?


2paw said...

Your Etsy shop looks lovely and everything in it too!! I know my Mum sometines goes to the market!!! She might see you there one day!! I'll tell her to watch out!!!

Katt said...

The shop looks great! I adore those pin cushions!!!


Jana said...

Congrats! It looks really cool. The banner and everything works really well.

Sharon said...

Well done fellow Etsyer!!! Good luck and hope you have many sales, maybe we will spread the word of Etsy across Australia ;)

Spend time reading the forums, they have some great info in them.


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