we wont be hungry tonight fat kitty!

Wow, wow and double wow!!!
this is so unbelievable...Just this morning my Secret Pal emailed me that 'sometime this week a parcel will be arriving. But it arrived just a few hour later!
I'm still pinching myself..Is this a dream. No don't wake me...I want to eat all the lollies!

Cool knitting patterns from Knitty...I like the idea of putting a chain around your mans neck, hee, hee, hee. And look at the beautiful wool, from knit picks and lambs pride, I've only read about these in books!

Fat kitty checked out the Swedish fish and the licorice crows, honestly you could supply me with these for a life time and I'd be one happy little black crow!
Look at fat kitty go....This ribbon is definitely hers.....She chucked up just after I took these photo's (she was getting so excited and with all those sweets)...And then she ran around the front yard climbing up and down trees.....Note to myself, 'keep fat kitty away from the red lollies'!
A big big thank you SECRET PAL!
(who are you)?


Obsidian Kitten said...

what a beauteaous kitty! heehee, no swedish fishies for kitty, they're not that kind of fish!

and what a great package! i love the licorice crows

Rachel said...

You really lucked out with a great pal...

...and I'll never tell!


metal and knit said...

Your so lucky as I read your post at work I had to go and ask my friend who grew up in america about the sweets

msfortuknit said...

Whos a little bit loved! Wow what a nice score! And people say im spoiled I mean loved! hahaha

Yeah! Im so glad that you got your package! So what do you think of that candy?


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