pretty in pastel

doesn't my sister have lovely hands, look at those manicured nails!!
Initially I made thes for myself but was unsure about the colour. You see its Knit black.
I'm knitting up a pair of socks with the same wool and it looks rather fetching on my feet.
My sister put these on while she stayed with me and they lookes soooo good on most things do, that I gave them to her.
The wool is from Live2knit, and is beautiful to work with and wears extremely well....hmmm you see before these became mittens it was a hat (several times)....
I used the twisted cable pattern from, 'Last Minute Gifts'.....I like this pattern so much that I've started another pair for my SIL, but in ruby red.
When do I get a pair!!


Emma said...

Very lovely!

2paw said...

Nice hands, nice mittens!! Though I did puzzle over the 'nit black'. Nits?? I thought, maybe there is a Barbie Pink kind of nit!!! Then I realised they are NOT black!!

BlackCrow said...

very funny 2paw.

Sharon said...

Your sister is very lucky.

Terri said...

Very nice. :o) Lucky Sis. What's the name of the colour?

msfortuknit said...

ruby red! Im like you color is blinding but it doesnt look bad and that pattern is incredible! Great job as always love


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