crap week

oh poo everything I touch these days seems to break! First my computer and now my sewing machine again!
Are they taking it in turns!!!!!
Anyway I'm sure its just a moon thing..Before all my machines started playing tricks on me I made a needle roll for my mum. She loves it and now wants me to make on for her paint


2paw said...

Oh what a lovely needle roll!! I like the colours ( even though they are not green!!) I hope the Moon gets over this phases and things stop breaking!!!

Rachel said...

Very cute!

Hope everything goes your way soon, I sure hate these fazes.

msfortuknit said...

Hey hun!
Same wishes for you as Rachel! And I love the rolls! Write to me if you need to ok sweety?

Terri said...

Oh very nice!

Jana said...

Sorry about your crap week. Your needleroll is so pretty!


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