YIKES! my sister is coming

wow what a day....I've been up since 5 this morning preparing for my big sisters arrival.
It was a beautiful morning just perfect for a bit of baking and most importantly breaking in my gorgeous new apron, made by the equally gorgeous BLACKIE, however I must say if you visit her site, there is a pic of her sporting my apron, I think I look better in it than she does...But I wont tell her that! I really love it especially the little pom poms as you see I'm a pom pom kinda girl! Any way wierd as it sounds I love listening to opra while baking and my choice is
Andrea Bocelli, really loud!

here's what I made...Jam Shortbreads. My dad used to make these all the time and that's why I enjoy making them. I also make these for my family from time to time so that they don't forget all the lovely biscuits and cakes our father made.
Crickey I just had a peek at BLACKIE'S site and she's made jam shortbreads too!!!
I swear there is something psychic between us.
The rest of the day was spent mopping the cat, dusting the gold fish, cutting the house and feeding the flowers....phew!


2paw said...

I love your apron and matching biscuit!!! The ABC is having a new Opera Oz show soon, an Australian version of Operatunity!!!!

Blackie said...

your shortbread looks perfect! and by the way, of course the apron looks better on you - it was designed for you, silly. good to see it on!

msfortuknit said...

look at you go darling

Sharon said...

I love the apron, aren't you looking all domesticated ;)

Have a great time with your sister.

Katt said...

ooh those shortbreads look yummy!

That apron is cute!



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