grrr my sewing machine is angry!

typical now that I need to depend on my sewing machine she plays up! I don't think she likes all that twisting and turning that I'm demanding of her :(

So when all else fails I recommend a good days bake off in the kitchen and eat lots!
Last Friday we had a bit of a do at out place so Pig and I went all out and cooked up a storm.
He did the mains and I did the deserts!
Feast your eyes on these.....

apple strudel, breakfast:)

apple frangipan tart with a rum crust, desert:)

glass biscuits these where served on the side of the tart with a quinell of spiced cream

and finally, chocolate macarrons, served with coffee
these are my old standby as the are so easy to make!

Do you want to see the mains?? Ok maybe later:)


Blackie said...

oh my goodness that is making me drool!

Sharon said...

That sure beats sewing anyday ;)

BlackCrow said...

drool away!
It's all gone, just finished eating the last cookie!
See Blackie I need an apron:)

Shannon said...

Okay, those look amazing! YUM!!!!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

ZZZZAPPP!!! grrrrrr, dammit, just nearly got electrocuted trying to eat my screen...

msfortuknit said...

Fantastic art, knitting all around taste and FOOOOOOOOOODDD! Goodness lady!!!....Why is it that we dont live closer? haha

Terri said...

Oh yum. Geez it's hours until lunch - you've made me hungry!!

Corrie said...

oh yum! I just had a healthy dessert but that has made me hungry again!


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