gotta go!

stitch and stuff assembly line
I have sooo many projects on the go currently so I'm going to take sometime off from blog land!
It will be a challenge not to go online but it's gotta be done!
I'm hoping to have an exhibition sometime this year, it'll comprise of BW watercolours,
paintings and stuffed dolls.

Wish me luck!!

I'll probably drop in and see what you all are up too from time too time.
...hmmm must be beer o clock!


Katt said...

Good luck! I hope you get it all done that you need to do.

I should probably take some time off too to get some things done that need doing.


Blackie said...

ooo, an exhibtion, excellent. I'll look forward to it, will it be in tassie? anyway, hope it's a productive 'break'. and i hope i still see you in the kaos corner sometime!

Sarah e.Smith said...

Good luck completing all of your prjoects and your exhibition! I do you will post more about it! cheers!

msfortuknit said...

Your kinda super amazing just incase you havent heard that today! :)

Sharon said...

I hope you get everything done and then we will hear from you again :)


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