i just can't keep away

Well I've very nearly finished my first lot of stuff for an exhibition , yeah!
Just have to find a nice little intimate place to exhibit them. I might take a little walk around town this week to see what's available.
I'd like to steer clear of galleries for now as the commission fees are just crazy!

I've had a fair bit of time up my sleeve as these guys need several hours of drying time between glazes and varnishes, but this time has not been wasted I've still been knitting like crazy and have just bought a load of fabric to do some serious sewing!

Off my needles are I choose to call him 'BOB' the bunny.... pattern from 'Last Minute Gifts'

and not quite off the needles are ...Anouk, pattern from Kate Gilbert

pocket detail

And just a quick flash of my fabric stash...


Sharon said...

Bob is cute!!

Hope you find somewhere to exhibit all your lovely work.

msfortuknit said...

You are just the busiest one!
How fantastic all of your work is! You keep me in awe!
How are the drawings coming on?

Blackie said...

hey i have some of that stripey fabric and the blue floral stuff too! we better not be seen in the same places at the same time wearing them!

Katt said...

Bob is adorable.

Hope you find a place for your things real soon! Everyone should be able to enjoy them.



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