I did it, I did it, I did it!!

Mailed off all my postcards today at lunch time....Yippee....shhhh don't tell any of my family members that I actually sent something off on time, hee haa.
I actually went in early to work so I could sit in the cafe with a short black to wake me up (I finished right on the witching hour last night), I wrote out all the addresses and worked out who gets who ;)
I must say there where times when I thought a one day late wont matter but then the eyes of Nikki Shell entered my brain, and if any of you have seen photo's of those eyes you know what I mean! :)

It was really, really fun! So many things came back to me from when I was learning how to sew at school, I must have been about 6. Playing with all those lovely threads of colour, the textures of the fabric, let alone the little detailing of fancy embroidery stitches.
If there had been another week I would have kept going and adding more and more details...but it's good to keep things simple.
And to top the day off I received my first postcard from 'george and andy'.

Thank you!!


Blackie said...

show us one of your postcards!! ah go on!

Nichola said...

What DO you mean?! My eyes aren't that scary are they? ;-)


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