here is a little sneaky peak

I had no real idea of what I was going to do for the postcard swap the only thing that I really wanted to try out was my much neglected sewing machine and that I missed making my painted little dolls.
I went through my old scrap book from when I was 4 years old and came across some drawings that really supprised me but it wasn't only the drawings it was also the way the paper aged and how some of the paint colours stained the paper.

I drew up a few ideas and then layed them out on calico and cut them out.

I wanted the backs of the postcard to resemble a real one so I machine sewed the lines in and cut out stamp sized bits of mulberry paper and sewed them on.
The next step was to cut machine sew several heads, arms, legs and bodies.

Then came the stuffing factory, I used any means possible to make this easy and found a crochet hook was the best.

Sorting out their bits, who gets what pairs of legs, arms and eyes.

some of the stamps I added a bit of detal with buttons and beads.

Hand sewing all their bits was a bit fiddley but exciting to see little personalities starting to form already.

A bit of HAND painting

The fun messy bit painting!!

The final stage was the sorting out of who gets who..I went and checked out my recipients blogs and just to find out a bit about their personalities. All very creative people with some beautiful work and stories.
I was very moved by Merybeth, whose going through a very sad time with the lose of her grandson, very moving and personal photo's.

So you want to see the end results?????



Sharon said...

I am speechless, they are just too adorable. You are right you know, they all have their own little personalities happening there. The recipients are going to be absolutely thrilled.

Sarah e.Smith said...

How adorable! What a lovely idea...all of the recipients of these whimsical little dolls I am surew ill be so surprised and happy :)

I recently discovered your blog and have had a great time reading your posts and seeing your pics...i will be back to visist again!

butterflyrocket said...

oooo these are gorgeous! A shame for me we weren't in the same '10' for the swap! Lovely work :)

Terri said...

They are fantastic. :o) Such fun, such whimsy. Well done!!


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