i'm busy

Yeah I know it's not knitting.....but but but oh well I'm in love with my sewing machine all over again. I've not used it for over 6 years! Boy is it fast, I've only put my foot flat to the floor once when winding the cotton onto the bobbin..Yikes the cotton reel nearly took my eye out!
I have been knitting... but it's a bit of a sad story. I thought I had finished the baby blanket and started the picot crochet edge. Just before I finished the last few stitches I ran out of wool so I went to get some more when to my disdain I noticed in my wool box there was still about 4 unused balls of wool for the main colour. So I measured it and found I was out by about 14 cm! Luckily I was able to undo the top bit of crochet which allowed me to pick up the last lot of stitches and continue knitting...poo!
Anyway lots of things are on the go at the moment so I wont be posting for a bit...maybe...I'll see how I go....


Sharon said...

I haven't touched my sewing machine for ages either, I would probably become addicted to it again if I did.

Terri said...

My sewing machine has gone into hybernation as it has been so long since I last used it. I used to sew everyday for about 17 years, so it really sulked when I stopped quilting. :o) What a bummer about the baby blanket, but at least you were able to rectify it and it will be finished in no time. Looking forward to the pics. :o)


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