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Boxer Man:#1

Step 1. Come up with a design and trace it down onto material.
I'm using a very heavy canvas as it needs to be strong to take all the pushing and swearing when the time comes to turn it inside out.

Remember this photo from a while ago?
Well here he is now! I finally managed to get my sewing machine looked at, and you know what nothing was wrong with it!!
Apparently I was just putting the bobbin in wrong(doh!) Oh and there was no spools for the cotton to sit on.
Bill, the guy that fixed it gave me a few pointers on using the machine , where to oil it, how to thread it properly and a few tips on sewing.
Bill has a neat workshop at his home that he repairs old sewing machines, specializing in 'Singers'. He mentioned that mine was much sort after buy dress makers as they are a semi-industrial machine and hardly ever need repairing.
So that was nice to know as I very nearly bought a $400.00 plastic one.

Step 2. Sew, turn him the right way out,(that was the hard part), stuff him and sew up opening.

You will have to wait a little for the last steps as I need to get onto a few other secret projects!

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