Am I nuts or what? I couldn't sleep last night stayed up till 4 in the morning knitting away, my arms are sore let alone my eyes!
As I was knitting away I spied in my book rack Debbie Stollers', 'The Happy Hooker' and thought maybe if I read instead it might put me to sleep, so I dropped the knitting down and picked up the book.
I used to crochet when I was kid and used to make lots of dolls clothes and never followed a pattern so this was going to be an interesting read. As I flicked through the pages I came across the 'Gloves'.
These look great, I read the instructions cross referenced it with the abbreviations and started getting excited and more awake! I slowly got up as my legs had seized up from sitting
cross legged on the sofa for hours and stumbled my way to my wool stash found some light weight
black wool and even the right hook (nicked from my mum) and stumbled back to the sofa.
Bloody hell you think knitting in black is hard work try bloody crocheting at 3 in the morning!
How many times did I start over again? I lost count!
So this is all I achieved before my lights went out!

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Terri said...

Glad I'm not the only one who does things like this. LOL. I sat up all night recently trying to crochet a baby sandal. I'm not much of a crocheter and considering I was working with the wrong sized needle and too thick a yarn...well needless to say the whole process was a 'huge' waste of time. :o)


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