postcard swap

Nothing like throwing yourself into the deep end. Which for me is an everyday event LOL!
My studio is getting smaller and smaller and have to start designating corners of my room for knitting, drawing, jewelry making, drawing, print making, sculpting and now after many years of neglect my sewing machine wants to move in!

Should I let him in? Its been sooooo long since I used him that I've forgotten how to load the bobbin and I'm sure there is something missing on the top, like where the cotton sits.
See those two big hole at the top it look like there once was something there but I'm not sure what. And where do you oil it, someone said 'anywhere there is a hole', is that right?
The light still goes as does his little engine. Boy he must be at east 30 or even more years old!
Well off to Mr repair man next weekend.
I need him for making some crafty postcards that will be swapped with 10 other people around the globe.
A little project instigated by Nikki Shell.
I've scrounged around for bits and pieces and scribbled a few ideas. But I'm not going to show them just yet as you never know who is watching.

Little mess


Sharon said...

What a beauty your sewing machine is, I drag mine out occasionally. Have fun with it when you get it back.

Elspeth said...

I have two sewing machines and don't even know how to use them! I'd really love to learn, though!

So, Friday, March 31st is this Friday. I think you're one day ahead of us (it's Sun Mar 26 here) but your March 31st is fine too. Can't wait to see your collection!

Blackie said...

my you have been busy! Your sewing machine does look like it's missing the little spindle thing for the cotton. a job for the experts i think though. cards are looking fun!


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