virtual house cleaning

I should really be catching up with my real house cleaning, I will, I will, I will, I just need to do this first:)
After much consideration I've decided to end my painting blog. Too much work keeping it all up to date.
However having said that I will post my painting and illustrations stuff here.
My cooking blog will still be running(not that anybody goes there).
So to start this new day here is a illustration of my mum I drew a couple of weeks ago for 'Illustration Friday' the theme was glamour.
I worked from a photo my dad took of her about 40 years ago.
Ever since I can remember she has always worn stockings even on hot days, I don't know how she does it, but in the photo her feet where lost in shadow so I thought I'll free them up and make her bare foot.
I've made a copy and framed it and will be sending it off to her next week, along with the story.
That should make her laugh.


ferg said...

Hi, Black Crow, I love your drawings and I'm sure your Mum will be thrilled with this one. I think the tea-bag one is really great. I'm only surfing through the webring at the moment but I'll be back, cheers Gillian

BlackCrow said...

Thanks for surfing through:)


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