shhhh don't tell anyone

I found KATIE on Sharon's site, tip toed over so as not to wake BF, and bought some wool.

Antique Rose shown in Elizabeth (100% Superwash Merino - 4ply)
photo borrowed from Live 2 knit until mine arrives

I know its naughty as I'm on a budget but I figure that I need socks, so instead of buying a pair I could knit them myself:)
And since this will be my first pair of socks I'll also be learning something new which means then I can make him a pair.
Plus and more importantly I'm supporting a local business, someone who is making a beautiful quality product, and is stopping me from spending at SPOTLIGHT. That's got to be a good thing!!


Taphophile said...

All perfectly justified - that yarn is gorgeous!

Sharon said...

It's a great idea, one can never have too many socks or yarn either.

knitabulous said...

That yarn is beautiful, and you're right, a yarn dollar spent on yarn that's not from spotlight is a very well spent yarn dollar.


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